Hunting Gaiters

Whether you're wearing a tall pac boot or the Hardscrabble LT hikers, these front opening gaiters slip on and fit easily, and stay in place when you're slogging through deep snow. The top web straps with cam lock buckles adjust effortlessly to keep out the snow, while the Stormblocker waterproof membrane gives you complete waterproof/ breathable protection. The bottom Hypalon® rubber straps won't collect snow and ice. Best of all, once you're in them, you won't have to constantly fuss with them for the rest of the day. The Real Tree Camo gaiters are silence in the woods, while the solid black or new loden nylon are virtually indestructible.

Note: Ensure you select appropriate sizing when ordering Hunting Gaiters. Sizing will default to MEDIUM unless you specify otherwise. If you have large calves and your foot size is either 8.0 or 12.0, consider going up to the next sizing.

Recommended sizing: MEDIUM - 5.0 - 8.0 / LARGE - 9.0 - 12.0 / EXTRA LARGE 13.0 -15.0

Returns or Exchanges are NOT permitted if removed from packaging. If unsure of correct sizing please contact Kenetrek Canada prior to ordering.


Kenetrek's gaiter design is protected under US Patent #D551,828.