Special Discounts / Used Boots

Are you looking for a cheaper second pair of boots, or don't mind a boot that had a previous owner? We sometimes have pre-owned boots in stock. To inquire about availability and pricing, please give us a call at 250 962 5000, or send an email to info@kenetrek.ca             

All sales of special discounts / used boots are final, no returns or exchanges will be provided.

Waterproofing cannot be guaranteed with used models. Pricing based on condition of boot, inquire for details.

Special Discounts (Discontinued Models, these boots are NOT Used):

BOBCAT No Zipper, K-Talon Sole - 10.0

BOBCAT No Zipper, Tractor Sole - 8.0

Used Boots:

Call 250 962 5000 to inquire about availability.

Non-Kenetrek Branded Footwear (Inquire for details)

Men's Hiking Boots 12.0 MED and 13.0 MED

Men's Italian Leather Dress Shoes - Various Sizes and Styles